Nathan O. Lambert


Hello! I am a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, advised by Professor Kristofer Pister in the Berkeley Autonomous Microsystems Lab, and pseudo-advised by Roberto Calandra at Facebook AI Research!



  • I am always looking to work with and promote under-represented groups in STEM fields. If you relate to this, please email me directly if you're curious in my work or trying to find a project in AI at UC Berkeley (I have mentored and advised multiple students through teaching at Berkeley).
  • Online mentor at Polygence (currently only taking scholarship-based students from under-represented groups).
  • Creator of Democratizing Automation newsletter & blog on making the future of AI and robotics equitable.


I'm interested in the intersection of machine learning and control, with applications to experimental robotics. With Kris, I am working on direct synthesis of robot controllers with model-based reinforcement learning where we do not need any past system knowledge. For an overview of my recent work, you can find a shortened version of my qualifying exam slides here, or a private recording here.

  1. Novel Robotics: I want to be able to build useful robots from whatever pieces an engineer has.

  2. Model-based Reinforcement Learning: I am optimistic about interpretable learning for robots.

  3. Robot Learning in Weak-sensor Environments: As a practical roboticist (or a data-scientist), I want to make systems that work in all parts of the world.