(online) Life


Fun Stuff

I had the pleasure of rowing for Cornell's Varsity Lightweight Crew for four years after walking on, we had some success. At Berkeley, I coached the lightweight rowing team for a year. I am shifting to triathlons & continuing competition - for the endurance training folk you can find my strava here .

Otherwise, my personal interests are generally in nutrition, training, math, robot ethics, and more. I follow Tesla fairly closely after spending a summer there. Graduate school has been an emergence of reading books for me, and my current recommended list in no particular order is: Godel Escher Bach, An Eternal Golden Braid; Shoe Dog; A Brief History of Time; Tribe; Deep Nutrition...


Press and Media

Some of my work has been featured elsewhere. In my time, the ionocraft was featured in the IEEE Spectrum Magazine here. Back at Cornell, a fun robotics-like project was published in Circuit Cellar, and got some press.