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Lifelong Learning

I love to learn. The internet makes it infinitely accessible. These are some things I have learned a lot from.

Anything on this list I consider very high value for time or cost in the represented area.

  • Podcasts: long form podcasts are like being a fly-on-the-wall for fantastic conversations. Learn how to orate and think.
  • Books: books are irreplaceable. If you haven't figured this out yet, keep trying.
  • Newsletters: direct-from-source content on various topics. Removes the middleman algorithm that normally delivers your content.
  • Twitter: user-specific communities of thought. Follow the champions of your field(s).
  • Apps: the internet and smartphones are the ultimate platform where there's always another great app to help you improve.

Note - I strongly support open podcast RSS feeds. I am worried about Spotify aggregating podcasts behind a wall, but it's a smart business move.


Tech companies are intriguing and hard to predict. I expect to work at tech companies, so it's job training.

Health & Longevity

I am openly obsessed with optimizing my long term health, performance, and mental wellbeing. Investing in one's self is always worth it.

Artificial Intelligence

I find there is a severe lack of high quality content on AI, automation, and robotics.

Life, Current Events, and Philosophy

Filling in the cracks of being a well-rounded human are a bunch of various sources that are teaching me how to think critically, be modest, and treat people equally. If you think there is something I would love, please send it to me!

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